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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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Does life get challenging at times?

Do you feel like no one is listening to you?

Are family issues getting you down?

Do your children need additional support?

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‘Changing the life of a few to impact many’

We offer counselling and mentoring within the community to adults, adolescents and children using Integrative Counselling, Mentoring and Play Therapy.

If you need any additional support dealing with life’s challenges, we may be able to help by providing precious moments for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Our Methods

Integrative Counselling Integrative Counselling uses the Person-Centred approach and combines different therapeutic methods to suit the needs of the individual client. This may include using approaches such as Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CPT), Creative or Play Therapy, Gestalt and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
Holistic Mentoring Holistic Mentoring enables us to work with individuals and their families at their home or within the community. This gives us the benefit of being a part of their world and works effectively with teenagers and young adults. The Mentor is a professional and offers a relationship to guide, advise and empower their mentee, whilst developing their social skills and self-esteem. Our holistic mentoring model is based on the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy framework and enables individuals to focus on solutions rather than their problems, identifying their strengths to help them utilise it more effectively to help them move forward.
Creative TherapyCreative Therapy can be used with anyone receiving counselling or mentoring services. It is well known in the professional sense as play therapy and is very effective when working with children and young people. Sometimes children find it hard to express their feelings or explain verbally how they are feeling. Therefore, play therapy enables them to do it more naturally through play.

Supporting Youth initiatives

We love encouraging youth to produce their best. We currently support a young game designer, developing for Apple and Android devices.

Find out more information by visiting our Supporting Youth Initiatives page.

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